Road trip – busy first few days

I didn’t really have time to upload images earlier or was too tired to do so.

The Journey started Wednesday night after the company sales kick-off meeting, the idea was to drive as much as possible towards Los Angeles.

Next day we had breakfast in Santa Barbara and headed to LA, reaching Santa Monica around 10am. First a long walk from Santa Monica pier to Venice beach, and of course we had to come back to the car. Quite a long walk, but that was a nice one.
It was therefore important to have lunch and have been to Pink’s, a famous hot dog place, it seems. The hot dog was not that great in my mind, but it was interesting to go there, queue to get our hot dog and eat it outside enjoying the sun. Of course next step was the chinese theatre and the view of the Hollywood sign.

It was time to go for the real trip, direction Grand Canyon, arriving late at night at Needles where we found a Motel.

Next day: Grand canyon. Quick look before sunset and then food and beers, ready for the following day for the big thing – the helicopter tour. It was brilliant, it worth the money and advise anybody who goes there to do it.

I’m now in Kayenta, Arizona, in my hotel room uploading photos. We had time to go in Utah to look at Mexican Hat and a quick look of the monument Valley before tomorrow jeep tour at sunrise.

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