US trip – Thursday

We reached St Louis. What a good surprise! Really nice city and much bigger than I thought.

Starting with the visit of Budweiser original brewery. That’s not the best beer on earth, not at all, but is was an interesting visit. And we had free beer at the end. The visit was free and we were allowed to see production chains.

Polish church for Dariusz. Why the hell a church has to be Polish? No idea, but those guys did it.

We then have been to the arch, the symbol of the door to the west apparently. Quite an impressive structure especially when you consider it was built in the 60s. The worst architecture period. But this still looks nice and impressive. But don’t carry weapons. Here is the old courthouse.

On night we had a good dinner, next to the university. I had a trout, Diarmuid had fun with a game he used to play.

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