Introduction to Open Food Facts

Open Food Facts is an open data initiative which aims to gather data on food products. All the data is published under an open data licence which allows anyone to re-use the data and build new apps, services and products on top of it. There are now more than 30 re-uses for things we could not have imagined, from health and fitness apps, special diet apps, to connected objects, scientific studies, and press investigations. And remember, everybody can contribute.

Two main sets of data that the project aims to gather are the nutrition facts – energy, amount of fat, sugar, proteins, etc. – and the ingredients, however other interesting data such as labels (Organic, suitable for vegetarians, suitable for vegans, AOC, others) should be recorded. Having said that, the keen contributor- whether new to the project or experienced – may be sometimes confused on how to enter the data in the most correct way. To address that issue, I will be sharing tips on how to contribute to Open Food Facts .

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