US trip – Monday

Last night Diarmuid drove us to Cuba, New Mexico, while listening to religious radio, and slept in the best Motel ever: We were waiting for a Tarantino movie character to enter our room and slice us up. It didn’t happen.

Monday morning. We dropped Dariusz at Albuquerque airport. We are now only two, Diarmuid and I. Quick target to buy socks and stuff as I have nothing clean left and then Santa Fe. Marvellous town. The architecture is really interesting. There are many shops that sell pottery and jewellery as well as arts galleries, all of this quite up market and tourist trap but still interesting to see. When we arrived there was a protest to free Tibet from China and decided to walk around and look for a place to have lunch. We found the atomic cafe. I had Santa Fe Chicken Killer, 10°, 625ml. Obviously that’s Diarmuid who took the wheel after that. Direction Los Alamos: nothing to see.

I’m now in Taos uploading pictures from my hotel room. We had dinner in the Alley Cantina. I had a catfish and Diarmuid had ribs. It was excellent. A band started playing music just after our meal. The place is nice and friendly, I strongly recommend people who go in Taos, for skiing or, like us, just passing by, to stop there. That’s the best meal I had so far during this trip.

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