US trip – Tuesday

We started the day by going to Taos Valley ski resort. It snowed during the night so it was really hard for me to go there and not have time to ski. That will be for next year.

We know we don’t have much to see until we reach Chicago however we try to enjoy the small highlights of the trip. So today we had:
– An Arby’s waitress asking Diarmuid which language he is speaking and discovering I’m french going in the kitchen to ask colleagues what french sentence I can tell them: she came back asking me how to say “I love you”
– The city of Pueblo, where we stopped for a cigarette, thinking it was pure rubbish industrial zone but were surprised to see a pretty courthouse built in 1872, nice churches from various faiths and nice houses.
– pikes peak. The road was closed but we had great fun discovering the “50 years of fun for the entire family” of a Santa theme park. Pathetic , loved it.

I’m in Colby, Kansas, in a Motel 6 with the biggest empty room I have ever had.

Today’s progress.

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